Regenerative Medicine Therapy

Regenerative Medicine Therapy Repairs Tissue and Relieves Pain

Regenerative cells are part of your body’s natural repair process. You have them in your bone marrow and in your fat cells. When they are placed at the site of damaged tissue, these powerful regenerative cells can activate to become the healthy new cells your body needs.

Foot Pain Doctors of Jacksonville LLC offers no-surgery Regenerative Medicine therapy to help your body heal damage and relieve pain from aging and injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles—using your own regenerative cells.

No Surgery Needed

Regenerative Medicine therapy can offer long-lasting pain relief without surgery. We perform regenerative cell therapy as an outpatient procedure. This usually involves injections over three office visits. Many times only one injection is required.

The regenerative cells activate to create healthy new tissue to replace the damaged bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon or muscle.

Patients are limited in their activity level for the first week after the procedure to allow the process to work and to avoid unnecessary inflammation. Individuals can return to their normal activity level about seven days after the procedure. Most patients see improvement within six to eight weeks after treatment.

Is Regenerative Medicine Therapy for You?

From acute injuries to damage from chronic wear and tear or disease, regenerative cell therapy helps your body heal itself. That ability makes it an important therapy option for everyone from high­ performance athletes to anyone who wants to stay active.

Regenerative Medicine therapy can help heal ligament, tendon or muscle injuries such as
ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis and more. It also helps repair chronic, degenerative arthritis where cartilage in the joint is worn away.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or pain in your joints, Regenerative Medicine therapy may offer a non-invasive alternative to relieve your pain and get you moving again.

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