PinPoint Laser for Toenail Fungus

PinPoint Footlaser available at Foot Pain Doctors of Jacksonville cures toenail fungus.

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The first FDA cleared laser for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients with Onychomycosis.

Stop suffering the pain and embarrassment of unsightly nail fungus. PinPointe™ FootLaser® is the easy and convenient procedure that helps turn your discolored and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails.

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is a common, chronic condition that impacts your quality of life and can lead to serious health problems for patients with diabetes or immune disorders. The infection is difficult to treat because the infection is under and inside of the nail, which makes it hard for topical products to reach and kill the infection.

PinPoint Footlaser is also an effective, painless treatment to kill unsightly plantar warts.

Make an appointment for a free consultation at Foot Pain Doctors of Jax today and see if pain-free, affordable PinPoint Footlaser is the right treatment for you!

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