Anodyne Therapy

Peripheral Neuropathy (pain, numbness, and weakness) can be quite debilitating. And unfortunately, in many cases, it’s not curable. However, this doesn’t mean you’re resigned to a life of extreme pain.

In fact, quite the opposite. You can live an active and healthy life with neuropathy, even if diabetes is the underlying cause. There are many treatments for this kind of pain because it is so prevalent.

We are now able to provide Anodyne Therapy at Foot Pain Doctors of Jacksonville. This painless treatment is a terrific option for chronic neuropathy because 90% of patients report reduced pain with treatments, while also improving sensation. It’s so effective that many professional sports franchises, like the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Colorado Rockies, and many others use it to treat pain and injuries that affect their players.

What is Anodyne Therapy? How Does it Work?

Anodyne Therapy uses near infrared light therapy to cause your body to release nitric oxide from your red blood cells. Diabetics with neuropathy tend to have lower levels of nitric oxide, which is associated with the pain, numbness, and weakness associated with neuropathy.

Anodyne patented system of overlapping infrared diodes results in deeper penetration and absorption than other infrared systems. As a result, Anodyne Therapy provides a superior vascular response which in turn leads to a significant reduction in pain, increased sensation, and improved balance. These outstanding results have been reproduced in over 21 major clinical studies with over 5000 patients. No doubt Anodyne is considered the “gold standard” of photon light therapy for nerve pain or neuropathy.

Another consideration and of utmost importance is there are no side effects with Anodyne Therapy. Unlike oral neuropathic prescriptions which often have side effects of dizziness, drowsiness and even hallucinations, Anodyne Therapy stimulates your own body’s natural healing process thus providing drug-free pain relief. Each Anodyne treatment consists of applying multiple infrared light photon pads directly to the skin at the treatment site. A typical treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

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